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Installing the Stratus Cloud Solution

To install the Stratus Cloud Solution:

  1. Ensure that your OpenStack environment meets the requirements for installation. See the overview information in the Stratus Cloud Solution Installation Guide.
  2. Install a CentOS image to use for the Stratus appliance. See Installing CentOS.
  3. If the network firewall at your site prevents you from accessing the Internet, configure the Stratus appliance to work around this restriction for the installation process. See Preparing to Install the Stratus Cloud Solution Without Internet Access.
  4. Create an installation configuration file to specify properties for the installation process. See Creating an Installation Configuration File for Stratus Cloud Workload Services.
  5. Install the Stratus Cloud Workload Services software in the Stratus virtual appliance. See Installing Stratus Cloud Workload Services.
  6. Configure settings as needed in the cloud properties file. See Configuring the Properties File for the Stratus Cloud Workload Services.

    Settings to modify include:

  7. Configure daily backups of the Workload Services management database that was created during the installation. See Backing Up the Workload Services Management Database.
  8. Configure the compute node that hosts the Stratus appliance to resume the state of its instances (for example, start instances automatically) each time the compute node boots or restarts after a power outage; otherwise, Workload Services will be unavailable until you manually restart the Stratus appliance instance. See Configuring Instances to Start Automatically in OpenStack.
  9. If applicable, install Stratus Cloud Availability Services on two or more KVM compute nodes. See Installing Stratus Cloud Availability Services.

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