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Configuring Instances to Start Automatically in OpenStack

If you want to ensure that all of the instances on a Nova compute node resume their state (for example, start automatically) each time the compute node boots or restarts after a power outage, consider modifying the settings described in this topic.

  1. Because the Stratus appliance that supports Workload Services runs as an instance on a Nova compute node in your environment, consider enabling instances to resume their state on the compute node that hosts the Stratus appliance; otherwise, Workload Services will be unavailable until you manually restart the Stratus appliance instance.
  2. If a power outage occurs, Workload Services automatically resumes the state of any instances that it manages regardless of the Nova settings discussed in this topic; however, Workload Services cannot manage its instances until the Stratus appliance starts.

To configure instances to start automatically on a Nova compute node:

  1. Log on to the console of a compute node as root user, or be prepared to use sudo to run commands as root.
  2. Open the /etc/nova/nova.conf file.
  3. Locate the resume_guests_state_on_host_boot property and remove the hashtag (#) at the beginning of the line to uncomment it:

    # Whether to start guests that were running before the host
    # rebooted (boolean value)
  4. Set the value of the property to true:

  5. Save the file and close the text editor.
  6. If you want to ensure that instances shut down instead of suspending upon shutdown, do the following:

    Caution: If you are modifying settings on the Nova compute node that hosts the Stratus appliance, complete the following steps to ensure that the Stratus appliance shuts down (and restarts) properly.
    1. Open the /etc/init.d/libvirt-guests file.
    2. Locate the ON_SHUTDOWN property and change the value from suspend to shutdown, as follows:

    3. Execute the following commands to restart services and apply the changes:

      # service libvirtd restart
      # service openstack-nova-compute restart
  7. If applicable, repeat this procedure on additional compute nodes.