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OpenStack Overview

OpenStack is a group of interrelated open-source projects designed to provide massively scalable public and private clouds. The following services and projects are used throughout this document.

Service Project Name Description
Dashboard Horizon Allows you to interact with OpenStack services to launch an instance, assign IP addresses, set access controls, and other parameters.
Compute Nova Provisions and manages large networks of virtual machines on demand.
Networking Neutron Enables network connectivity as a service among interface devices managed by other OpenStack services; usually Compute. Allows you to create and attach interfaces to networks. Neutron features a plugable architecture that supports many popular networking vendors and technologies.
Object Storage Swift Stores and gets files. Does not mount directories like a file server.
Block Storage Cinder Provides persistent block storage to guest virtual machines.
Identity service Keystone Provides authentication and authorization for the OpenStack services. Also provides a service catalog within a particular OpenStack cloud.
Image service Glance Provides a registry of virtual machine images; used by Compute to provision instances.
Telemetry service Ceilometer Monitors and meters the OpenStack cloud for billing, benchmarking, scalability, and statistics purposes.
Orchestration service Heat Orchestrates multiple composite cloud applications by using either the native HOT template format or the AWS CloudFormation template format, through both an OpenStack-native REST API and a CloudFormation-compatible query API.